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  • We make single-sided and double-sided printed circut boards with metalized holes using laminates types FR4 ,CEM-1 thick from 0.3mm to 3.2mm
  • Thickness of copper layer from 18um to 105um (thicker after consulting).
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Soldering mask + additional layer

  • Photomask – variety of colours
  • Silkscreen termic masks in different colours.
  • We attach element discription in differen colours.
  • We use carbon/graphite paste.
soldering mask 1 soldering mask 2 soldering mask 3 soldering mask 4 soldering mask 5

Plating of coupling fields

  • Selecively (HAL) – double-sided and single-sided SMD
  • Lead free tinning – using SnCuNi
  • Lead tinning – using SnPB
  • Chemical goldening
  • Galvanical goldening of the edge connectors

Mechanical treatment

  • Cutting using diamond saw – standard accuracy +/- 0.3mm
  • Scribing – standard accuracy +/- 0.3mm
  • Routing or milling of shaped holes with accuracy +/- 0.15mm

Holes and tracks

  • Drilled holes diameter from 0.3mm to 6.5mm , recommended diameter from 0.6mm to 5.5mm, space required between holes 0.1mm (eventually 0,05mm)
  • Minimal width of tracks on boards produced using fotochemical methods – 0.2mm, minimal space between tracks 0.2mm (for prototypes tracks width 0,15mm, space between tracks 015mm)
  • Minimal width of tracks on boards produced using silkscreen methods – 0.3mm with minimal space between tracks 0.3mm
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We own Mania Speedy 280 – flying probe tester. Therefor we test boards when requested

Technological documentation

  • We prepare technological documentation using photoplotters.
  • Recommended file format:Gerber Inch 2.3 to 3.4, RS274-X
  • Drilling progarm with Excellon format – inch lub metric system.
  • We also use programs like Protel, Cadstar, Autotrax i innych.
  • We prepare designs of boards from drowings, general ideas etc.

We make stencils for the soldering paste with laser or etching method:

  • On steel plates using etching method. Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm and 0,2mm; Size up to 600mm x 350mm.
  • On steel plates using laser. Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0,13mm, 0.15mm and 0,2mm; Size up to 600mm x 600mm.
  • On sheet brass MZN12. Thickness: 0.15mm and 0.2mm; Width up to 300mm.

Requisited Production Sheets

  • Minimal production sheet for double-sided boards should have at least: 2dm2 when total surface of the order is up to 50dm2 ,3 dm2 up to 100 dm2, 4dm2 up to 500 dm2 ,5 dm2 above 500 dm2
  • Minimal production sheet for single-sided boards should have at least: 2 dm2 when total surface of the order is up to 100dm2, 2.5 dm2 up to 300 dm2, 4dm2 above 500 dm2
  • Costs of necessary documentation are covered by the client

Time counted in working days

Timing Plates Double-sided boards Simgle-sided boards Boards with goldening Extra fee
Standard 3 days 15 days 12 days + 3 days —-
Express 2 days 7 days 5 days +2 days 50%
S.Express 24h. 4 days 3 days +1 day 100%

PCB’s DOCUMENTATION Photoplottering services

  • Preparing matrix for PCB’s on photoplotter: 6 zł for dm2 of each layer
  • Preparing contacting copies 3,00zł for 1 dm2
  • Preparing drilling programs and milling – 30zl

Digitalization, drilling programs and designs of PCBs

  • Drilling program- 0.30zł per hole. Minimum cost of service 20.00zł.
  • Boards from drowings – 0.70 zł per tin plating point or hole. Minimum cost of service 30.00zł.
  • Boards from a model 0.80 zł per tin plating point or hole. Minimum cost of service 30 zł
  • Designing PCBs – 2.50 zł per tin plating point. Minimum cost of service 50.00zł.


  • files in Gerber 274x format and drilling programs in Excellon format(other after consulting)
  • Source files from Protel program(other after consulting)


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